Develop relationships with elected officials and deliver results for member policy implementation. PIT Crews are not intended to be the experts on policy issues. Their task is to establish and enhance the county Farm Bureau’s relationship with local, state and national elected officials.


Careful attention should be given to the selection of your PIT Crew. The ideal member should have an interest in policy and politics, a focus on building a relationship vs. expertise in policy issues, and an interest in planning event details, such as a legislative breakfast/farm tour or meeting with local government leaders. The following characteristics should be
considered in making selections.
  • ​Support of Farm Bureau policy – PIT Crew members must be willing to actively support Farm Bureau policy and put policy ahead of personal feelings or friendships with legislators. Any success in implementing Farm Bureau policy will only come as a result of unity.
  • Tact – PIT Crew members must be firm in their support of Farm Bureau policies, yet tactful in their contacts with legislators.
  • Willingness – PIT Crew members should have an interest in legislative activities and policy, and must be willing to do the job, not just “fill the position.”

If you are interested in getting involved with this committee contact the county office at (989) 725-5174 or [email protected].

Kenneth L. DeschepperChair
Robert CarlinMember
Timothy Dean KieslingMember
Kenneth KirkmanMember